Black Hills Clothe-A-Kid

Being a parent is tough and sometimes making ends meet can be a challenge. Through the Clothe-A-Kid program, churches are helping parents stretch their clothing dollars. CAK not only helps children dress with confidence, but it also intentionally opens doors for long term connections with families.

About Clothe-A-Kid

Clothe-A-Kid has teamed up with Life INC to provide clothes to school aged kids year-round! Participants who graduate from their class can earn a Kohls gift card for their family. To be eligible for Clothe-A-Kid, participants must have a dependent child living with them in K-12th grade and provide proof of dependency and the child’s birthdate.

To participate, please register for the Life INC class of your choice. Further instruction on how to participate in CAK will be given at the Life INC class.

*Rapid City Clothe-A-Kid Only*

Volunteer to Shop with Families

Become a volunteer to assist families using their earned incentive dollars to shop and build relationships.