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Black Hills Life INC

Grow into a NEW You! Take root in a place that will support you.

If we nourish ourselves, we can overcome any adversity. Life INC adult education classes provide that needed nourishment. Awesome volunteers, area churches, and several organizations come together to offer classes in employment, parenting, faith and finances.

Hundreds of families have benefited from this life changing program.

Other benefits:
  • Children’s Ministry provided on site
  • Weekly incentives offered
  • Meal each week before classes
  • No cost!
Life INC is held at multiple sites in Rapid City. Each one offers different classes. Not all classes are offered every quarter.

Free Childcare

Life INC provides free childcare through the Life INC Children’s Ministry while the adults attend class. The children learn about Jesus and that they are loved and valuable, all while having tons of fun!

Mentoring Opportunities

Life INC provides one-on-one mentoring opportunities to help you succeed financially and in many other areas.

Free Meal

Life INC offers a free meal before class starts. This is a great time to spend with family and friends!

Life INC Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to apply themselves and make some changes in their life is welcome to attend. Your religious beliefs do not matter. Please know that the volunteers and staff who work in the program believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and we are forthcoming about our beliefs.
Volunteers from area churches are the instructors for each class. Many have received extra levels of training in the area in which they provide instruction. Most have experienced the pains and strains of making their own lives better, and want to pass along the ideas that worked for them.

The Life INC Children’s ministry is available for kids while the adults attend Life INC classes. We offer a nursery for infants up to 5 years old and a kid’s program for the elementary aged kids. Our kids program includes a Bible inspired lesson along with fun and games for the kids to enjoy. The Life INC Children’s Ministry is led by a lead teacher with a few helpers. All adults who work with the kids are screened and background checked to ensure the children’s safety.

There will be children’s ministry check in table for you to check your kids in and out each night. Each child will need to be checked in and out by same parent/guardian at the beginning and end of each night. The first night you check your kids in may take a little longer than normal as we will need to register them in our system, so go to the check in ASAP after dinner to ensure you are not late for class.

We make a decision by 3 PM on the day of class if the weather is poor. We will call all participants to let them know we are cancelling. You can also call our office after 3pm on the day of class to inquire at (605) 718-5683.

Sometimes life can spiral out of control. No-one should have to walk through the changes alone. Life INC uses a philosophy of providing a safe, nurturing environment for people who want to improve their circumstances. Christian volunteers act out their faith by donating time to serve meals, provide child care, teach classes, donate groceries and diapers for the food pantry, be a mentor, and be prayer warriors.

We do not provide a hand out to our participants. Instead, we work to encourage the dignity of all people by allowing participants to graciously accept a hand up. This means that all class participants are expected to:

1) Do any homework assigned to them by their instructor or mentor,

2) Arrive on time, and

3) Fully participate in class.

Life INC began in late 2005 with one class, Financial Freedom. Organizers quickly realized that peoples’ issues with debt were just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone has changes that need to be made in their lives. So, additional classes were created. Today we have a full suite of class choices for people. Depending on what is most troublesome in your life, you may find it more helpful to begin in one area, and transition to others as you grow and change.

Please call the Love INC office at (605) 718-5683 as soon as possible or no later than 12:00 pm on the day of class. If the Life INC Program Director is not available please leave a message.

Participants are allowed 1 excused absence for the quarter. Further excused absences and any unexcused absences must be made-up outside of class time according to the teacher’s direction.

Students who fail to complete course requirements and graduate may reenroll for the same class in the following quarter (if offered). In this case, the student must complete all requirements as normal. No partial credit will be granted for the previous quarter’s participation.

Financial mentors are offered to those who graduate from Financial Freedom. You are required to take Bridges to Freedom class that runs for the first hour the next quarter so you are able to meet with your mentor the second hour. You will get to know the Budget mentors while you are taking the Financial Freedom Class. After about half way through the quarter you will be handed a form where you can indicate whether or not you would like to get a Budget Mentor the next quarter of classes. Sometimes there is a long break between quarters because of holidays and summer seminars you may meet with your budget mentor once a month or more if your mentor is in agreement.
They are there to guide you through your financial situation; keep you accountable if needed. Sometimes they give guidance to personal issues that may affect your finances. They are not counselors, but just loving people who care about you. They are not there to give you money or things to help you get out of a situation. By asking for money or things from them you are running the risk of losing your mentor privileges for this violates the guidelines of a Mentor Mentee relationship set forth in the Life INC program. Everything you talk about is held in strict confidentiality.
As Christians, we strongly believe that we are to help others who are in need. We volunteer our time and our services because it is the right thing to do, and because Christ gave so much for us. We want the Life INC classes to be available to anyone who wants to put forth the energy to change their life for the better.

It is our goal offer a shuttle service for all our Life INC classes, however this is sometimes not always possible. We will do our best to let you know at the time of registration whether transportation will be available for your classes.

To reserve your spot on the shuttle when transportation is available, text RIDE to 605.988.8917 or call our office at 605.718.5683 and ask to speak the Life INC Assistant or Director. You must text or call before noon on the day of class each week to reserve your spot for that night’s shuttle.

The best way to register for Life INC classes is to fill out the registration form on our website. Both new and returning students must fill out the registration form for every quarter of classes they want to attend. You may also text REGISTER to 605.988.8917 to have a link texted to you to register.

If you need a paper registration, you can pick one up at our offices located at 414 East Omaha Street in Rapid City or call our office at 605.718.5683 and request a paper registration be sent to you via mail.

We will do our best to post signs directing you where to go at each campus, as well as have a welcome table where you will sign in and be able to have any questions answered by a Life INC volunteer.

During the school year, we offer a meal before class starts, so be sure to arrive early to enjoy some time hanging out with your fellow students while eating dinner.

Most classes will have syllabus, handouts, or a workbook for you to bring each week. For the first week just bring something that you can take notes on, like a pen and notebook or if you have smart phone, you could use a note taking app.

If you have forgotten when classes start, you can call our offices at 605.718.5683 or text our Life INC text line at 605.988.8917 and ask about the start date. Additionally, the class schedule should be posted on our website and social media pages.

We will also send out reminder emails and texts to remind you about the class start dates. If you have changed emails or phone numbers, please let us know so we can update your info and keep you in the loop with all the class information.

Life INC Downloads

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