Sturgis Clothe-A-Kid

Being a parent is tough and sometimes making ends meet can be a challenge. Through the Clothe-A-Kid program, churches are helping parents stretch their back-to-school dollars. Clothe-A-Kid not only helps children start the year with confidence, but it also intentionally opens doors for long term connections with families.

Are you in a difficult situation?
Have a material need you just can't afford right now?
Do you feel alone? Do you feel stuck?

The Connection Center is here to walk with you through the midst of your situation to let you know you are not alone, you are valued, you are loved, you belong, you can make choices for yourself. Every call that comes in is handled with the purpose of building a relationship through our volunteers and has the potential to fullfill a material need as well. We work with you to find opportunites in the communtiy to earn incentives or items, while you are paired with and working alongside a church volunteer.

About Clothe-A-Kid

This program requires each family to fulfill 4 hours of community service in some way in order to receive $100 per CHILD to go shopping in August. We have many options for projects to choose from between VBS setup, to pulling weeds at a local women’s shelter to meet their scheduling needs. A trained church volunteer is assigned a family for the summer to spend time with, working alongside them in the project, praying for them throughout the summer, and then going shopping with them on shopping day. 

Our goal is to build stronger communities by building these relationships!