Thrive Bike Ministries

Thrive Bike Shop is a multi purpose ministry field in which we not only work with youth to refurbish bikes, but we also have times available for our volunteers to help those adults that wish to refurbish and repair a bike for use as a transportation vehicle! The bike shop provides a great space for connecting and learning. 

Youth Bike TRAK

Youth Bike TRAK is available to youth in our local area, please contact shawn@love-inc.us for more information on the dates and times.

Vision Bike For Adults

Vision Bike Appointments can be set up by calling the Connection Center and setting a time and date with our call center staff.

Interested in working with adults in our Vision Bike Program?

Please consider helping a neighbor in working side by side to repair and refurbish a bike that will be used as a transportation vehicle. This time includes the ministry role of support and encouragement, as well as a follow up with the participant if requested.

These volunteers should have skillsets in repair of bikes and basic bike mechanics. Willingness to listen and encourage people in all life circumstances and situations. A solid faith and foundation for supporting another in their walk to wholeness.